23cm small DIY Bear Kit

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The perfect creative activity for adults and children! These enamel bears have three lively and bold paint colors that are ready to pour to create an enchanting and unique design. The possibilities are endless and all creation becomes unique.

With DripPaint, you can unleash your inner artist and create beautiful and
colorful masterpieces in just a few simple steps. Simply choose your favorite paint color, pour it on the bear and watch it drip and blend to create an eye-catcher. template You can mix and match colors, create layers or try different pouring techniques to achieve the perfect result Take a look.

Each DripPaint has everything you need to get creative

  • The DIY kit includes: 23 cm, 33cm, 52cm
  • 2 cups of paint brush Gloves and an apron
  • Table top to protect the work surface

This unique and creative art activity is perfect for rainy days, parties or anytime you want to let your creativity fly. it' page also a great gift for kids, teens, or anyone interested in crafting!

How long is a session?

The size of your project and your pace will determine how long it takes however most people finish in 60 mins.

What if I have no art experience?

Our sessions are incredibly beginner friendly and no art experience is required at all. We also have inspo and instructors to guide you through your session.

How long does it take to dry?

We recommend 48 hour drying time. You are welcome to return anytime after 2 days during opening hours to collect your project.

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Ideal birthday gift 🎁